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Our Vision

Development should be about transforming spaces into connected communities where everybody's aspirations are reflected, and everyone benefits.

Our history and values

Steiner Properties traces its roots back to the iconic A&B Sound chain of music stores, founded in 1959 by Fred Steiner.

After half a century operating as a household brand across Western Canada, the chain closed its doors in 2008.

Today, Steiner Properties honours its heritage with a unique first-hand knowledge of what communities and businesses need to thrive. And we look to the future at new ways for our neighbourhoods to flourish.

In everything we do, we look for balance—between stakeholder needs, approaches to development, and past and future. Most of all, we cultivate the patience to create true, enduring value in our communities.

The Steiner Properties approach

We take the time to get it right. We invest in helping communities flourish and build for a shared future.
We create collaborative partnerships, seeking common ground and outcomes that benefit everyone.
We plan for the future. We think ahead to set deep roots and create lasting impact.
We believe in communicating with purpose to build healthy communities and keep them strong.

Meet the team

Jacob Steiner

Leveraging a diverse background that spans entrepreneurship, brokerage, and real estate management, Jake is always seeking out new ways for Steiner Properties to innovate and build for the future.

What community means to me:
Digging deep to find the common ground that we can build a strong, shared future around together.

Doug Matheson, P.Eng

Passionate about construction since childhood, Doug has overseen projects across Canada as part of a career spanning more than 36 years. At Steiner Properties, Doug manages development and construction to make the team’s vision a reality.

What community means to me:
Individuals that interact through communication, collaboration and support to come together as a whole.

Shirlene Harvey

Shirlene has lived and breathed real estate for over 28 years. Since joining Steiner Properties in 2005, her role has grown to include everything from portfolio and budget management to supporting tenant success.

What community means to me:
Working together for the greater good with mutual respect, no matter the task.

Irina Reznikov

Irina’s deep experience stems from 30 years in accounting and wealth management. At Steiner Properties since 2010, she oversees finances and guides business strategy, ensuring smart investments for the future.

What community means to me:
Having a sense of belonging and helping to build the right environment for others to feel the same way.

Chelsea Harding

Chelsea has over 23 years of experience in real estate. At Steiner Properties since 2008, she brings extensive know-how in all aspects of asset management—as well as a talent for building and nurturing strong partnerships where everybody benefits.

What community means to me:
A team of people who show up and do the work toward a common goal. A group you can count on to be present, engaged, and supportive.